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TIANMA Group started the custom manufacturing service in the year 2000. However, TIANMA Group has been producing pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals since 1993 with continuous improvement of our R&D department. We can provide our customers with professional solutions in chemical contract manufacturing.
Our specialized service include:

  • Both cGMP and non-GMP facilities
  • Contract Manufacturing for Advanced intermediates in Suzhou
  • Contract Manufacturing for Phosgene derivatives in Shandong
  • Contract Manufacturing for NaCN derivatives in Nantong
  • Assigned project manager supervising each project
  • An independent R&D center supporting technology development
  • Fast response scheme
  • Sophisticated quality system
  • International EHS system to be applied
  • Focus on advanced drug intermediates and fine chemicals
  • From Pilot scale to commercial quantity
  • Special chemical reactions

We accept various modes of cooperation, mainly:

1. Technical package provided by the customer with a signed technology transfer agreement
2. Chemical structure provided by the customer and technology developed by our R&D center
Once established, we will run a unique team for your project only, with expertise in every aspect of the process, and with an assigned project manager supervising its implementation.

Intellectual property protection is crucial in a global outsourcing business, especially in the case of whole technology transfer. TIANMA Group attaches much importance to our customers' privacy requirements

  • CDA signed with customers;
  • Agreement signed with employees;
  • Project Coding System;
  • A project divided into several parts for different groups;
  • Non-copy & Record reviewing system;