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At TIANMA Group we do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. We strongly believe that health, honesty, harmony, innovation and pragmatism are the values that make an outstanding individual. Continuous innovation initiative is the path to excellence, TIANMA Group is always in pursuit of harmonious development within our enterprise, with society and with the environment.


It is a core value at TIANMA Group. In a highly competitive era, harmony and teamwork are key factors to stay ahead of our competitors.


A healthy outlook on life, a healthy body and healthy life habits, are basic values we want all our employees to have and maintain on their way to success.


TIANMA Group attaches importance to the self-development of our employees and the importance of anticipating the challenges of our global society. Every member of TIANMA Group is expected to be a person of benefit to society. Also, it is through long-term development that TIANMA Group continuously innovates products and standardize our management system to supply our customers with perfect service.


Pragmatism is definitely the rule of thumb. With the current fast changes of society and technology, keeping a pragmatic mindset that includes all of the values mentioned above is key for a brighter personal and collective future.